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Single Travelers: A Compendium of Trip Planning Resources
We've compiled a cornucopia of online and offline resources for single travelers. ...Leggi tutto / Read all
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Trick or Treat This Halloween with Concerts, Parades and Travel to Spooky Destinations
From St. Louis to San Antonio, New York to New Mexico, Halloween has become one the year's most exciting parties. In local bars or city-wide parades, Halloween revelry rivals New Year's Eve. ...Leggi tutto / Read all
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Where's Johnny Jet: Taking Eos to London
This week we cross the Atlantic in style -- and I'm talking style. So much so that this new airline is now my favorite. ...Leggi tutto / Read all
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An Ode to the Indian Head Massage
You can hardly help but fall in love with the place, but by the end of a long day, India will eat you and spit you out. You'll be wiped. There's no better way to detox, calm down, chill out and recover from a case of sensory overload than a trip to the local beauty salon for a humble head massage. ...Leggi tutto
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Australia and New Zealand: Any Cheaper and You'd Have to Swim There
Shoulder season really is the best time to visit Australia and New Zealand because not only are the airfare and package prices lower, but spring, late summer and early autumn are sensational climate-wise. ...Leggi tutto
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Bring in the New Year or Just the Fall Season in Brazil: Six Days from $699
Brazil has so much more to offer than the beaches and hills of Rio. There are the beating drumbeats and dance steps of Salvador de Bahia, the haute couture and high-paced energy of Sao Paulo, and the wilds of the Amazon and inland Brazilian jungle. ...Leggi tutto
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Editor's Choice: Our Favorite Winter Holiday Destinations
Our favorite destinations include a little fun in the desert sun, a snow-blanketed city rich in history, the solitude of beaches sans all those cooler-toting day-trippers, the flashing neon of that nonstop party we call Vegas, and a wild-and-wonderful safari. ...Leggi tutto
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Frommers.com Airfare Deals and News for the Week of September 19, 2006
George Hobica and team have rounded up the best fares including routes to London, Cancun, Sydney, Auckland and South Africa -- plus a fall sale from United. ...Leggi tutto
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Learn the Art of Travel Writing this Winter in Sunny Key West
Whether you intend to make travel writing your full-time profession, a source for some extra income or just want to improve your blog, you should look into this course. ...Leggi tutto
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Frommer's Podcast: All Things Rome with Sylvie Hogg
Explore an authentic Roman experience with expert Sylvie Hogg. ...Leggi tutto
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In New Orleans, the Bayou Beckons from $55 per Night
New Orleans wants you to know it's open for business. "We believe we are still America's most authentic city and still a great travel destination for convention and leisure visitors," says CVB president and CEO Stephen Perry. ...Leggi tutto
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London Prices Falling Down: Six Nights' Stay from $499
Fall means more than football season and going back to school. It means reduction on summer travel prices and the beginning of the deal season for travel to Europe. That said, deals to London become even less expensive than last month. ...Leggi tutto
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Penny Pinching or Splurging in Paris This Fall and Winter
Nobody can resist a trip to Paris and it is known as the romance capital of the world for good reason. Traveling to Paris on a budget might not sound too sexy, but keep in mind that every dollar saved can be put toward that exquisite watercolor you find in Montmartre. ...Leggi tutto
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Leaf Peeping, Part Two: See the Colors Change in the Rest of the U.S.
In part two of our series on leaf peeping, we're examining other parts of the country: the southeast, the Midwest, and the west coast. ...Leggi tutto
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South Pacific: Fair-Priced Music to a Traveler's Ear
People often underestimate the grandeur and scope of the South Pacific Seas. They don't realize New Zealand is as much a part of the South Pacific as Tahiti or Samoa. ...Leggi tutto
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The Simple Life in the Atlantic's Azores
Looking for a vacation destination that's a little out of the ordinary? Then look no further than the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and the Azores, an archipelago of Portuguese Islands known for their remoteness. ...Leggi tutto
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Where's Johnny Jet: Popping Around Pittsburgh and Erie PA
This week we travel to western Pennsylvania, using one of three alternate airports (we saved money by flying JetBlue). If you're interested in visiting with my family, taking in a professional baseball game and learning some ways around high-price airfares into secondary cities, here's your ticket. ...Leggi tutto
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Ski Prices Slide this Season: Innsbruck this Thanksgiving from $598 for Starters
It's never too early to start thinking about the coming ski season. Even while August blares and Europeans lead the vacation trail to the world's best beaches, mountains around the continent are prepping for the onslaught of skiers arriving with the earliest snow. ...Leggi tutto
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The Magic of the Mediterranean in Malta: Five Nights from $999
Good things really do come in small packages and Malta is one of them. Malta, including neighboring islands Gozo and Comino, are a welcome oasis in the Mediterranean, a break from the tourist crowds of Italy and Greece. ...Leggi tutto
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