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...ences as an inquiry was opened. ... Travel site." href="https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/18/world/europe/madeira-bus-crash-germany.html?partner=rss&emc=rss" target="_blank">leggi tutto (read a...

A logo of Monte dei Paschi di Siena bank is seen on the ground in Siena, Italy, November 5, 2014. The European Central Bank has given a preliminary nod to the possible appointment of Marco Morelli, h

...of locations for his character to come across dead bodies. I first went to Italy on a high school tour of Europe, but serious interest began with my arrival in Milan, when I could speak the language a...

4. Where to Go Now: In Europe, Three Cities, Three Fashion Weeks
(English news/International Herald Tribune)
...ails like the Better in Red. ... Travel site." href="http://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/11/travel/in-europe-three-cities-three-fashion-weeks.html?partner=rss&emc=rss" target="_blank">leggi tutto ...

... Americans are going to places like Canada, Iceland, United States national parks and, yes, some spots in Europe. ... Travel site." href="http://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/11/travel/terrorism-eu...

... e della bellezza. Proposte giungono anche dalle strutture ricettive. Oggi, in occasione dell?iniziativa Europea ?La Notte dei Musei?, il Castello di Scipione dei Marchesi Pallavicino, situato nel bo...

7. Le 10 città più economiche d'Europa
(Appunti di viaggio/Alice viaggi)
La classifica sulle città europee che hanno tariffe aeree, prezzi dei ristoranti e hotel più a buon mercato. Sul podio la bulgara Sofia seguita da Cracovia e Budapest ... leggi tutto (

8. Capitali europee, viaggi e voli low cost
(Appunti di viaggio/Alice viaggi)
Da San Pietroburgo a Dusseldorf, da Amsterdam a Barcellona, le migliori offerte per voli e hotel nel mese di gennaio ... leggi tutto (read all) Da San Pietroburgo a Dusseldorf, da Amsterdam a Barcel

An alliance of European local authorities, national governments, US film stars, Japanese shops, soft drink companies and Russian foundations have stepped in to prevent oil companies exploiting 900m b

...l Gurria, secretary general of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, talks about the European sovereign-debt crisis and global economy outlook. ... leggi tutto (read all) Angel ...

...lyle and Avista are competing over a large stake in Italian drugs group Rottapharm, as the sale of one of Europe's largest private equity targets moves towards a conclusion, people familiar with the s...

"The Renaissance in Rome," which runs at the Fondazione Roma at Palazzo Sciarra until Feb. 12, displays more than 180 works, including some of the Renaissance's most seminal. ... Travel site."

...Krampus procession takes place on Dec. 4 near Merano, Italy. People around America are also taking up the European Alpine folklore tradition, dressing like the creature who steals naughty children aro...

In a fundamental shift agreed in the dead of night, most of continental Europe has decided to cede a surprising amount of control over how it spends its money to an ill-defined pan-European body. ..

As European leaders meet in Brussels in an effort to save the euro, a brief look at some of the key players: As leader of Europe's biggest economy, Chancellor Angela Merkel has taken the lead in sett

...of his Tommy tour last month, and now he's getting ready to perform his band's classic 1969 rock opera in Europe and Australia early next year. ... leggi tutto (read all) The Who 's Roger Daltrey fi...

...t the austerity package approved by the government, Prime Minister Mario Monti said on Monday, calling on European partners to do their part. ... leggi tutto (read all) Italy risked a Greek-style ec...

18. Saving the euro
(English news/topix)
The leaders of Germany and France meet in Paris Monday as the European Union considers a drastic overhaul of its powers to keep its common currency afloat. ... leggi tutto (read all) The leaders of

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will travel to Europe next week for a series of meetings in Germany, France and Italy as leaders pursue a plan to solve the European debt crisis, the Treasury Depa

...egacy of World War II has meant that the mere mention of a new rise of German power sent shudders through European nations. ... leggi tutto (read all) For more than half a century, the legacy of Wor...

21. Check In, Check Out: Hotel de l?Europe in Amsterdam ? Hotel Review
(English news/International Herald Tribune)
An $85-million renovation adds a Dutch nod to kitsch while keeping the continental high style. ... Travel site." href="http://feeds.nytimes.com/click.phdo?i=3bc5015a5387bbced339953a8815a

22. In Transit Blog: Tastings and Classes at Paris Wine Fair
(English news/International Herald Tribune)
... and 3, offers wine connoisseurs and novices the exciting opportunity to taste 350 of the best French and European domains. ... Travel site." href="http://feeds.nytimes.com/click.phdo?i=...

...eductive powers of Mozart's "Don Giovanni" can momentarily drown out the chorus of economic doomsayers in Europe when it opens its opera season next week. ... leggi tutto (read all) Watch: Jimmy Fal...

All three have dug in their heels as the euro currency heads for a cliff. Finance ministers meet in Brussels and OK the latest bailout installment for Greece. ... leggi tutto (read all) All three h

Tax evasion is a problem which costs Italy around 180 billion a year. One of the reasons some employers in Italy give for not paying taxes is how much it costs to employ people. ... leggi tutto (re

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, left, France's President Nicolas Sarkozy, center, and Italy's Prime Minister Mario Monti, shake hands at the end of a press conference in Strasbourg, eastern France,

27. In Transit Blog: Prague Christmas Markets Come Alive
(English news/International Herald Tribune)
While American retailers brace for the post-Thanksgiving shopping rush, cities across Europe are primping for a slightly different kind of holiday tradition: the much-anticipated opening of the region

...three largest economies are due to meet Thursday in a bid to resolve their differences over how to handle Europe's critical debt crisis. ... leggi tutto (read all) The leaders of the eurozone's thre...

Italy's new government, headed by former European Union Commissioner Mario Monti, has an unlikely supporter in President Giorgio Napolitano, an ex-communist who once praised the Soviet Union for crus

... Monday in Italy as he called new Prime Minister Mario Monti to encourage him in his quest to turn around Europe's fourth largest economy. ... leggi tutto (read all) U.S. President Barack Obama voic...

The euro zone's debt crisis struck again at the heart of Europe on Monday despite a clear-cut election victory in Spain for conservatives committed to tougher austerity. ... leggi tutto (read all)

European Commission President Jose-Manuel Barroso speaks at the Social Business Conference "Together to Create New Growth", in Brussels, Friday, Nov. ... leggi tutto (read all) European Commission

The tsunami of political shake-ups sweeping across debt-ridden Europe is about to crash on Spanish shores, and a visit to Antonino Parilla Villar's ice cream shop offers a clue to why. ... leggi tu

...ds, who announced one week ago that they're reuniting both in the studio and on the road, will kick off a European tour Friday, May 18 in Moscow, hitting fifteen major European festivals before windin...

Another troubled European government will almost surely tumble this weekend as Spanish voters braving sky-high unemployment, the sting of austerity, piles of debt and a bleak future are expected to d

Economic growth has all but stopped in Europe, statistics showed Tuesday. The stall comes just when Italy, Greece and other nations need growth to help them wriggle out of the chokehold of debt. ...

Canadian dollars fall through the air in a photo illustration in Vancouver, B.C. Sept. ... leggi tutto (read all) Canadian dollars fall through the air in a photo illustration in Vancouver, B.C. Se

U.S. and European markets fell Monday as investors woke up to the fact that Italy's economic problems run far deeper than one former prime minister. ... leggi tutto (read all) U.S. and European mar

These hills in Montevecchia were discovered in 2003 by the Italian architect Vincenzo DeGregorio. ... leggi tutto (read all) These hills in Montevecchia were discovered in 2003 by the Italian archi

If Italy collapses with its $2.6 trillion of government debt, large parts of Europe will enter a deep recession. ... leggi tutto (read all) If Italy collapses with its $2.6 trillion of government d

41. Italy closer to new government
(English news/topix)
...an Sen. Mario Monti attends the beginning of a voting session on economic reform measures demanded by the European Union, that should pave the way for Premier Silvio Berlusconi to leave office in a ma...

...spending in a bid to head off the country's looming financial crisis and satisfy the bond markets and the European Union . ... leggi tutto (read all) The upper house of the Italian parliament Friday...

43. T Magazine: Eurofile | Weekend in Belgrade
(English news/International Herald Tribune)
Belgrade is a Balkan city before it's a European one. It is also much livelier, friendlier and more prosperous than I had expected it to be. ... Travel site." href="http://feeds.nytimes.

The European Union has warned that the 17-country eurozone could slip back into recession next year as the debt crisis shows alarming signs of spinning out of control. ... leggi tutto (read all) Th

45. Berlusconi to step down
(English news/topix)
Following on from the stepping down of Ireland's prime minister, Europe is set to see another head of government fall. ... leggi tutto (read all) Following on from the stepping down of Ireland's pr

46. Europe: Debt Crisis 1, G-20 Zero
(English news/topix)
The debt crisis in Europe continues to hang over the global economy after a summit of world leaders last week failed to produce any tangible new solutions. ... leggi tutto (read all) The debt crisi

After another week of confusion and turmoil in Europe, investors are ditching whatever hopes they once had for a conclusive solution to the debt crisis. ... leggi tutto (read all) After another wee

48. Letters: Letters: Airlines? Holiday Tidings
(English news/International Herald Tribune)
...cades ago when it was fun are fortunate that we can now enjoy other activities and other means of travel. European train travel can be a joy. ... Travel site." href="http://feeds.nytimes...

49. Bites: Isla de Flores 1900 in Montevideo, Uruguay
(English news/International Herald Tribune)
A six-table spot specializes in meat prepared in European styles, resulting in homey and high-end dishes. ... Travel site." href="http://feeds.nytimes.com/click.phdo?i=aa248403bbeace54b3

50. Letters: Airlines? Holiday Tidings
(English news/International Herald Tribune)
...cades ago when it was fun are fortunate that we can now enjoy other activities and other means of travel. European train travel can be a joy. ... Travel site." href="http://feeds.nytimes...

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