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Most of the victims seem to have been Germans on vacation on the Portuguese island. Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed her condolences as an inquiry was opened. ... Travel site." href="https

2. Searching Out the Hidden Stories of South Carolina?s Gullah Country
(English news/International Herald Tribune)
The South Carolina Sea Islands and the Gullah Geechee people who have endured there are increasingly buffeted by economic and social change ? not to mention lethal storms. ... Travel site."

...i eventi in programma per tutta la stagione. La scelta è ampia, dalle più famose, Ellis Island e Liberty Island, per conoscere le origini della storia americana, fino alle meno note, com...

...agnati in quest?acqua che scaccia la stanchezza, attenua i dolori e guarisce le ferite. Gli sloveni, parlando di questo centro termale, lo descrivono come ?le terme dell?anima?. I viaggiatori si ferma...

... largo della costa, completano il quadro idilliaco. Si dice che il suo nome derivi dal vecchio termine olandese Fried Landt Flaak (?terra libera e piatta?), trasformatosi dai francesi in Flic en Flac,...

6. MSC Crociere, catalogo invernale molto ricco
(Appunti di viaggio/Deluxeblog viaggi)
Caraibi, Cuba, Emirati, Sir Bani Yas Island e Mediterraneo, con crociere anche da 11 notti. Molto ricca l?offerta invernale di MSC Crociere, il cui catalogo si snoda su ampie zone geografiche. Via

7. Where to Stay for $39 a Night in New York City? In a Yellow Cab
(English news/International Herald Tribune)
A decommissioned taxi parked on a street in Long Island City is no one?s idea of a luxury vacation, but at less than $40 a night (and no bathroom), few can complain about the price. ... Travel site

...;s Golden Lion award at the Venice film festival, due to be announced Saturday. American musical "La La Land," directed by Damien Chazelle and starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, kicked off the worl...

A recent in-flight magazine article said, ?Precautions are needed when entering areas mainly populated by Indians, Pakistanis and black people.? ... Travel site." href="http://www.nytimes.co

10. Where to Go Now: In Europe, Three Cities, Three Fashion Weeks
(English news/International Herald Tribune)
In London, Milan and Paris, hotels and restaurants will observe fashion weeks with special packages, menus and cocktails like the Better in Red. ... Travel site." href="http://www.nytimes.co

Tour operators say Americans are going to places like Canada, Iceland, United States national parks and, yes, some spots in Europe. ... Travel site." href="http://www.nytimes.com/2016/09/11/

12. Dubai: progetto di un campo da tennis subaqueo
(Appunti di viaggio/Deluxeblog viaggi)
...i a diventare un gigantesco parco divertimenti per il mondo intero. Al momento, quello di cui stiamo parlando è solo un progetto, ma vista l’area cui si rivolge non si può escluder...

13. Notte dei musei al Castello di Scipione di Salsomaggiore Terme
(Appunti di viaggio/Deluxeblog viaggi)
...o, interamente affrescato, tra grandi scene trompe l?oeuil con paesaggi verdeggianti, alte colonne, ghirlande e conchiglie beneauguranti, due fauni giocano a raccogliere le pere dall?albero, mentre ne...

14. Capodanno a Dublino
(Appunti di viaggio/zonaviaggi.it)
La città irlandese a San Silvestro scende in piazza. Tra concerti, locali aperti, performance con artisti di strada e giochi di luci. Ecco gli eventi principali. Dublino festeggia il 2015 in

15. Viaggi all'insegna dell'avventura: nuove mete
(Appunti di viaggio/Alice viaggi)
Dalla scalata delle cime del Mustagata in Cina al giro in kayak lungo i 400 Km di costa del Rhode Island: le nuove frontiere del turismo d'avventura ... leggi tutto (read all) Dalla scalata delle ci

16. Le isole più piccole del mondo
(Appunti di viaggio/Alice viaggi)
Dall'Isola di Benguerra in Mozambico alla Caye Caulker in Belize passando la Sea Lion Island nelle isole Falkland: le 10 isole più piccole del mondo ... leggi tutto (read all) Dall'Isola di

...companies exploiting 900m barrels of crude oil from one of the world's most biologically rich tracts of land. ... leggi tutto (read all) An alliance of European local authorities, national governmen...

18. Explorer: Australia by Sail, Manning My Own Ship
(English news/International Herald Tribune)
Eight days bareboat sailing in the Whitsunday Islands off Queensland, Australia. ... Travel site." href="http://feeds.nytimes.com/click.phdo?i=c70216a670e7fae28b155f5f76881431" target="_

In Naples police discovered a clandestine factory, seizing four tonnes of fireworks and arresting one man. ... leggi tutto (read all) In Naples police discovered a clandestine factory, seizing four

...are here and in "Jersey Shore Uncensored: Season Four" we're taking the fist pumping to the Guido motherland. ... leggi tutto (read all) Yeahhhh Buddy! Make sure you're lookin' fresh-to-death for yo...

21. TRAVEL: 36 Seconds in Trinidad
(English news/International Herald Tribune)
A tour of Trinidad, the larger of the two islands that make up the nation of Trinidad and Tobago, in the southern Caribbean. ... Travel site." href="http://feeds.nytimes.com/click.phdo?i

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- All lanes of Greendland Road are shut down as traffic homicide detectives investigate a scene near Mandarin High School. ... leggi tutto (read all) JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- All l

23. Frugal Traveler Blog: Iceland in Winter Means Deals and Fewer Crowds
(English news/International Herald Tribune)
This land of natural wonders and warm, friendly cafes is never cheaper or less crowded than in winter. ... Travel site." href="http://feeds.nytimes.com/click.phdo?i=8cee0e23923b926b42938

With time to kill in London, where to spend 36 hours without breaking the bank? Richmond, a charming town with deals to be found, fits the bill. ... Travel site." href="http://feeds.nyti

25. Raddish Carving, Anyone?
(English news/International Herald Tribune)
From England to Mexico to Jerusalem, surprising holiday customs around the world. ... Travel site." href="http://feeds.nytimes.com/click.phdo?i=93a5765291b12b8860aae144675c6293" target="

26. In Transit Blog: In Paris, Maori Works That Blur the Lines of Time
(English news/International Herald Tribune)
...t the Quai Branly Museum in Paris, is an opportunity to see national treasures that rarely leave New Zealand. ... Travel site." href="http://feeds.nytimes.com/click.phdo?i=443a9e3ec504dd...

27. In Transit Blog: British Cities Suggest Themed Trips
(English news/International Herald Tribune)
Bath, Carlisle, Chester, Oxford, Stratford and York offer themed itineraries on the British Heritage Cities Web site. ... Travel site." href="http://feeds.nytimes.com/click.phdo?i=fd43cb

28. In Transit Blog: Banner-Making Vending Machine Lands at Schiphol
(English news/International Herald Tribune)
BannerXpress, a banner-making machine debuted at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. ... Travel site." href="http://feeds.nytimes.com/click.phdo?i=acacafea017195f791acccfaf1c3f1db" target="_b

29. In Transit Blog: Jewelry Show Takes Over London Gallery
(English news/International Herald Tribune)
Art Rocks, a show at the Shizaru Gallery, features jewelry by established designers and new talent alike. ... Travel site." href="http://feeds.nytimes.com/click.phdo?i=5465f2ab2d1befc025

But the portable device, which looks like a dehumidifier and supplies high-purity supplemental oxygen, proved lethal to her earlier this year when it exploded in her home, according to a recently fil

31. In Transit Blog: Dickens Anniversary Kicks Off in London
(English news/International Herald Tribune)
Charles Dickens will be widely celebrated throughout Great Britain in 2012, the 200th anniversary of his birth. The first major exhibition will take place from Dec. 9 to June 10 at the Museum of Londo

32. In Transit Blog: CNL Adds Stevens Pass to Its Ski Resorts
(English news/International Herald Tribune)
... bought Stevens Pass, the 17th ski resort in which it has full ownership or is a major investor. This Orlando-based company has in the last decade quietly surpassed the giants Vail Resorts and Intrawe...

33. In Transit Blog: In Paris, Celebrating London on the Big Screen
(English news/International Herald Tribune)
London may be less celebrated in film than New York or Paris, but the "London Calling" film festival in Paris aims to highlight the city's greatest cinematic moments. ... Travel site." h

French actress and vigneron Carole Bouquet makes a sweet passito wine, Sangue d'Oro, on the Italian island of Pantelleria, and serves it with octopus. ... leggi tutto (read all) French actress and

35. In Transit Blog: In London, a Festival for Chocolate Lovers
(English news/International Herald Tribune)
From Dec. 9 to 11, the Chocolate Festival, a celebration of all things chocolate, will descend on London's Southbank Center Square. ... Travel site." href="http://feeds.nytimes.com/click

36. T Magazine: Island Life | Raquel Zimmermann on Brazil and Brooklyn
(English news/International Herald Tribune)
The model dishes about life in Brooklyn, her love for moqueca (a traditional fish stew) and what to play if you want to get her dancing. ... Travel site." href="http://feeds.nytimes.com/

37. Explorer: Stand-Up Paddle Boarding in the Virgin Islands
(English news/International Herald Tribune)
Better than boating or diving, paddle boarding is a 360-degree experience, with vistas of land and sea all around. ... Travel site." href="http://feeds.nytimes.com/click.phdo?i=c97b68429

38. Explorer: The Island From a Board
(English news/International Herald Tribune)
A trip to St. John as seen on a stand-up paddle board offers wide-ranging views of the land and fish beneath. ... Travel site." href="http://feeds.nytimes.com/click.phdo?i=9dda6bede672f6

FIORE Artisan Olive Oils & Vinegars, with tasting room/retail locations in Bar Harbor and Rockland Maine invites you to "Come in and Taste for Yourself !". Chasing the harvest and crush around th

In 1729, when Ireland had fallen into a state of utter destitution at the hands of its British landlords, Jonathan Swift published a famous essay , "A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of P

41. In Transit Blog: Q&A: It's the Season To Earn, and Spend, Points
(English news/International Herald Tribune)
...hen he was still a kid. At 13, he had collected enough points to book a family vacation in the Cayman Islands. Now Mr. Kelly's blog, thepointsguy.com, helps frustrated travelers who don't know how to ...

42. SA art an international hit
(English news/topix)
University of Zululand second-year visual arts student Thembile Nala with one of the carved clay pots she will be exhibiting in Milan, Italy. ... leggi tutto (read all) University of Zululand secon

MONDAY, Nov. 28 -- About one in 10 people who have angioplasty to open blocked heart arteries will land back in the hospital within 30 days, a new study indicates. ... leggi tutto (read all) MONDAY

44. In Transit Blog: (Very) Old Meets New at Manuscripts Show in London
(English news/International Herald Tribune)
...trove of medieval- and Renaissance-era illuminated manuscripts, collected by the kings and queens of England between the 9th and 16th centuries, is on display in London. ... Travel site." ...

45. Robert St. John column
(English news/topix)
This column is supposed to be about a restaurant I visited last week on the island of Burano, just across the lagoon from Venice. ... leggi tutto (read all) This column is supposed to be about a re

46. T Magazine: Room With a Purview
(English news/International Herald Tribune)
The author and his son Luther in their room at theW Hotel in London.Are hotels really the new community centers? The incorrigible Will Self checks out the scene and discovers it's not so bad. ...

47. Heads Up: In Oakland, Calif., the Uptown Neighborhood Blooms
(English news/International Herald Tribune)
The Uptown neighborhood, just north of downtown, abandoned and plagued with crime just a few years ago, now bustles with hip bars and interesting restaurants. ... Travel site." href="htt

48. T Magazine: Outward Bound
(English news/International Herald Tribune)
The next vacation fix for been-there-done-that travelers. ... Travel site." href="http://feeds.nytimes.com/click.phdo?i=1cd426aefe742682fcb3fb7071cff1f6" target="_blank">leggi tutto (rea

49. Deadly landslide hits Sicily town
(English news/topix)
Torrential rain in southern Italy has caused landslides which killed three people in Sicily and derailed a passenger train in Calabria. ... leggi tutto (read all) Torrential rain in southern Italy

The floods began in late July, fed by heavy monsoon rains and a series of tropical storms. ... leggi tutto (read all) The floods began in late July, fed by heavy monsoon rains and a series of tropi

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